If you can commit to coming to one of the cull zones for a 6 hour patrol (typically 6pm until midnight) three times during the cull then we would only need another 69 people like you to keep a ten person patrol in a zone EVERY NIGHT.

With high visibility jackets, 1,000,000 candle power torches, megaphones, video cameras and a serious attitude, we can  stop this cull, please contact your local Animal Rights group or Hunt Saboteurs group; there will be people in those groups who will share your passion to stop this cull. What this cull needs is a lot of people in the areas every night…


After hearing a rumour that a “free party” sound system is planning to do a party protesting against the cull inside the Gloucester cull zone we thought we had better start organising a National Demo.

When better than  a full moon?

For those that can please come out for the friday night,

On the Saturday September 29th we aim to have our biggest night patrol, If we receive details about the free party we will publicise it.

We will update this page so please pop back


Until then our main goal is to raise awareness of the cull and make it financially and politically a very expensive mistake. We condone the use of Non-Violent Direct Action; sending government offices polite emails or faxing white text on a black background (wastes the ink and takes ages to print) is civil disobedience.

Ultimately it is the coalition government that can stop this cull and we would ask anyone who wants to help stop the cull to put pressure on the government. Finding your local conservative group and having protests outside their offices may be one way of doing that, going along to your MP’s surgery and raising the issue could be another.

During any bi-elections we can and will help locals to campaign against any MP who is in favour of the cull. Should the cull still be in force during the next election we will campaign vigorously in marginal seats, in the same way that our Welsh counterparts did during an election, It wasn’t a judicial review that stopped the cull in Wales, it was an election. Ministers for the Welsh assembly quickly changed their tune about the cull after 1,000s of leaflets were distributed door to door in key marginal seats in the Welsh capital of Cardiff.


After the tories and their friends, we have the government body Defra, please ring, write emails and send faxes (they all share one fax machine number!) to their heads:

Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
The Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP
private secretary: 
Minister of State (Agriculture and Food)


Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State (Natural Environment and Fisheries)
 Richard Benyon MP (this little twerp thought that shooting buzzards to protect pheasants was a good idea)
private secretary: 


Parliamentary Under Secretary of State 
Lord Henley
private secretary:  

Agencies of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs


Parliamentary Branch:
Tel: 020 7238 5455
Fax:  020 7238 6241
Correspondence Section: 
Tel: 020 7238 2194



Nobel House
17 Smith Square
Tel:  020 7238 6951
Fax: 020 7238 6118



Natural England will be responsible for issuing the licenses to kill badgers,


Contact Natural England at their Bristol office; please ask them how, and by who, is the cull going to be policed?

Who will measure the number of badgers in a sett before it is culled? How will they undertake that?

Who will be enforcing the biosecurity restrictions on farms with bTB?


Please use this landline number: 0117 959 1000 and ask for the wildlife licensing office.

Natural England have other phone numbers beginning with 08456 but these numbers generate them money and that is not something we wish to do.


You can also email them on

-General queries and wildlife management licensing :
-European protected species mitigation licensing :
-Science and conservation licensing:

If you search through the Natural England website you may find some more email addresses, please contact as many that you can find, ask them polite questions about the cull, if you can get them to email you back with any interesting responses please forward it to us. Remember, every minute a Natural England worker spends on the cull is MONEY and the more this cull costs them the more reasons there will be for the government to end it.


We will have a number of posters that you can download from our website; please put them up wherever you think is appropriate.



Gathering video evidence of the cull and taking injured badgers to wildlife hospitals


Online newspaper comments; we will put up links to newspaper articles on our home page news desk, please subscribe to the newspapers and leave messages of support for our campaign to stop the cull or write any anti-cull sentiment.






Office stationary, envelopes, A4/A3 paper, address labels, stamps

any of these items that you no longer use:

Video cameras with or without night vision

A vinyl cutter, an A2 inkjet printer with CISS   :)

A3 inkjet printers (especially epson)


email us on: