Our intention is to watch farms that are involved in the cull, to make sure that they are following correct bio-security and animal welfare laws.


Basically, if you’re a farmer and involved in this cull, expect to be under a microscope.


So it begins, We have decided to focus all our efforts on Somerset, however if any independent people in Glos cull zone want to post in links to things going wrong in the glos zone we will post them up.

New ones that came in anonymously through the week:

badly limping sheep

young dairy calves in a separation pen

more dairy calves in small pens

So from our first day out in the field on 12/3/2013:

One lame sheep coming down the hill at a farm that will be under heavy scrutiny

A farmer with 3 dogs on a quad bike travelling illegally without plates at 40mph

Cows in what looks like a place very likely to spread disease

Horses with frozen water trough  We have now found out that the farmer who owns these horses has pulled out of the badger cull