Defra post immediate rebuttal of our evidence without any proof

Defra were clearly shaken today when they found out that our sabotage of the hair dna tests had made their figures totally worthless. On their “mythbusters” page they posted this:

The myth – The Times reports today (Monday 4 March) that the number of badgers to be culled in the pilot areas this summer has been reduced following sabotage of research by protestors.

The truth – The new badger population estimates are based on a wider range of evidence including new genetic data from hair trapping to create a more accurate and robust estimate of the true badger population. Protester activity has had no impact on the data used to make these population estimates.



We would love to know how they know that protestor activity has had no impact on the data?

They have no idea of the extent of our sabotage of the hair dna tests!

poor old defra, they should know by now the public doesn’t trust them and if they think that posting up a this snippet is going to install confidence in farmers they are more deluded than we thought.