January 25, 2018

How To Beat Shy Bladder Syndrome

Shy Bladder Syndrome is a minor affliction, but it’s something you absolutely do not want to suffer from. The embarrassment and feelings of inadequacy it creates are not to be sneered at.

Paruresis, as it is scientifically known, is the inability to urinate while there is another person in the room. For example, has this ever happened to you?You need to urinate and make your way to the toilet in a bar and inside the toilet are some rowdy, drunk guys.

They aren’t threatening in the slightest but they are laughing and joking and jostling each other. As you come in they offer a friendly greeting and start talking to you. All you want to do is have a pee but can’t concentrate because these guys won’t leave you alone.This is one form of SBS.

And once it starts it’s really difficult to beat it.In this situation you feel that you have to go or you will be mocked for not being able to and that only increases the feelings of anxiety, making the problem worse. Born of self-consciousness and feelings of not being safe it mainly affects males and it can have irritating side-effects, Embarrassment, Discomfort.

Possible long term health issues from not urinating when necessary
It’s estimated that 14% of men will suffer from shy bladder syndrome at sometime in their life.

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There isn’t 1 single cause of Shy Bladder Syndrome, it can be many things that cause this problem, such as

Self confidence.

Penis size is a constant worry for some men. To expose it amongst other men may cause anxiety and nervousness. This in turn may make it difficult to relax enough to urinate. The fact that many men exaggerate the size of their manhood increasing worry for others who do not, can make this feeling far worse than it would originally have been.


Traditionally we know we should protect our sensitive or vulnerable areas and being around people whom we do not know can make us feel exposed. More so when one of the areas we want to protect is being exposed by the act of urination.


Many people are raised with the belief that urination should be an absolutely private matter and this can cause upset if forced to do it in the presence of others.

If you suffer from shy bladder syndrome you will know the desire to pee whenever you need or want is great. There are ways around this problem and I personally got around it through self control, ‘toughening up’ and with the help of NLP.

What I found really helpful would be to think of something else other than urinating and the people near me. I would think of something funny or whimsical.

Try to distract yourself somehow.

Many men use their phones are they’re peeing nowadays. Pretending to send a text message, or actually doing so, will distract you and allow you to let go easier. There’s also the advantage that nobody will comment about the length of time you’re standing at the urinal.

Make sure your bladder is full. Going when you absolutely have to will help. Act in a confident manner when you go into a public urinal, and by acting confidently you will become more confident.Increase your confidence by being the best you can be.

Getting fit will give you an amazing sense of being good enough and you will be more confident in the presence of other males. Beating Shy Bladder Syndrome will improve your life immensely, and not just by beating this ailment, but it will increase your confidence and your good feelings about yourself.