Map for Forthampton


the estate is run from forthampton court, which you can locate on the eastern (right hand side) ┬áside of this map. It stretches up to the M50 and its eastern edge is the river Severn. There may be a large police presence tomorrow so we would advice you stick to footpaths, if you are asked what you are doing the best thing to say is “enjoying the footpaths”


Please email in any photo’s that you think we may find interesting about the estate.

OS map EX190. they may be sold out in tewkesbury tomorrow :) If you have the time have a look online tonight for a better resolution map. Remember inkjet printoffs will run in the rain.

We have been assured that there will be no shooting on the estate tomorrow of pheasants, If the cull does start tomorrow of badgers we would expect it to be after 9pm