July 2, 2018

Pinhole Glasses: Uses And Benefits

Just like any other muscles in our body, if we don’t exercise them for a long time, our muscle becomes weak. Our eyes are one of the most delicate and complex organs in our body with numerous muscles surrounding it. If we don’t exercise the muscles in our eyes, they will become weak over time.

When we use normal prescription glasses, we may fall into a trap where we can no longer use or exercise the focusing muscles in our eyes to the fullest. The important muscle of the eye begins to weaken, requiring us to visit to the nearest eye doctor for stronger prescription glasses. Then the concept of pinhole glasses began.

What Is Pinhole Glasses?

Although this has been around for some time, it is only lately when these glasses have come into popularity. Pinholes glasses are natural and harmless form of correcting and improving your vision. The moment you put on the glasses, you will instantly notice a clarity and focused vision.

You can now see clearly and over time they strengthen the eye muscles which allows you to reduce the prescription and could possibly no longer wear eyeglasses or contact lenses anymore. Its lens are just simply made of a piece of hard plastic material that are aligned with pinhole sized holes.

How Do They Work?

These glasses improve the sharpness of an image, sending message to your brain to find the focus point. During this process the muscles of the eye are getting used more often and this will help exercise your eyes’ focusing system in regular basis. They eliminate the irrelevant light that enters through your eye, which allows to only accept the light that directly strikes the retina. This will let your eye’s lens relax, allowing you to see things clearly.

The Benefits and Advantages

1. It helps prevent computer vision syndrome

If you use computers for longer period, you will develop the symptoms like dry eyes, blurry vision, headache, fatigue, eye strain and double vision. Computer glasses can help reduce the brightness from the monitor, which relax the eyes and increase your natural focusing power.

2. They can also be used by people who needed prescription glasses or contact lenses (regardless of their grade) and people who don’t really need glasses. People who needs glasses can use them for reading, watch television, or just use around the house. On the other hand someone who doesn’t need them can use them as plain sunglasses keeping their vision relaxed while walking outside.

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3. Increases object brightness

Pinholes are proven to increase likely object brightness, this is ideal if you struggle with vision in low-light situations parallel to other objects in the intuitive field.

4. Improves your vision clarity & resolution

For those who suffer refractive eye disorders, pinholes will help improve the clarity of your vision and resolution.  It is an alternative invention to concave corrective lenses.


You should also consider that if there are advantages, there can be also certain undesirable effects of pinhole glasses.

  • The multiple holes can build an insect- like vision of effect, with multiple overlaying images, and a gleam when you move your head. Because of that holes, the central vision of each eye won’t always be focused on the same point through these multiple holes.
  • It takes some time to get used to it, usually a few days or more.
  • It blocks some light rays that diminishes its light intensity as well as the peripheral vision.

Due to this reason, pinhole glasses should not be intend to use while operating machines, driving or any activity that involves motion. These glasses cannot be recommended as a legal substitute for any situations where prescription lenses are required.