We are about to launch a national campaign to publicise the supermarkets that sell dairy products from the cull zones.

Jan Rowe one of the cull organisers when asked about the proposed use of dogs to hunt wounded badgers said:

“I don’t think its going to be a hugely practical way of dealing with things unless you’ve got a badger a long way from the sett and then it is a humane thing to do to try and catch it as quickly as possible.”

The picture above was taken in Austria where it is legal for such activity to take place, thanks to the supermarkets selling products from the cull zones, we can soon expect similar scenes in the UK.

This is a direct quote from the cull guidelines on page 3, which can be found on our “how” page:

“11. The use of a trained dog to follow a scent trail, with the aim of locating (without
physically coming into contact with) an injured badger, does not require a licence and
can be carried out under an exemption provided in the Hunting Act 2004. Any dog used
in this way should be kept under close control on a leash when following a trail and, if
shooting from or near a vehicle, should be kept in the vehicle unless actually being
used to locate an injured badger. Normally only a single dog should be used for this
purpose (the exemption under the Hunting Act does not permit the use of more than
two dogs). Use of a dog-muzzle should be considered.”

Notice that the dog “should” be kept on a leash, not “must”


Please send us in any email/freepost/freephone numbers for the supermarkets involved, thank you.



SAINSBURY’S; Have a biodiversity statement which should be used when emailing them.

TESCO; Hated by farmers and by us, A world unto themselves and suffering with a poor online image.

MORRISONS; Not getting such a large slice of the supermarket sector. Worth doing demonstrations if its your only one.

LIDL; Terrible response from Lidl