After our recent success with Caffe Nero, we are now switching our attention back to Sainsbury’s,  whose policy (unchanged since 2012) on the cull can be read here.


They have been quoted in a number of papers saying “we do not think it fair to penalise farmers who by geographic circumstance are within the official Defra cull area.” Which we think is pretty weak spin as all people have ever asked is not to source from farms that kill badgers. We have now refined that demand and are asking them to specifically not source from farms that are involved in the “free shooting” of badgers, we make this request because badgers are culled using two methods:

1) Cage trapped and then shot

2) Free Shooting

This second method of “free shooting” is when badgers are lured to bait points of peanuts, often in family groups, then shot with high powered rifles and shotguns. This method was examined by an Independent Expert Panel in early 2014 and found to fail the standard for “Humaness” with up to 1 in 5 badgers taking over 5 minutes to die from wounding. The British Veterinary Society who back the culling of badgers have also come out against “free shooting” because of it failing welfare standards.

We feel that this is sufficient proof for Sainsbury’s not  to source dairy milk from farms that are involved in free shooting in order to comply with their stated ethical policy:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 20.20.38

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson recently pointed out the government had agreed to the badger cull trial based on scientific evidence, “and we will continue to remind them to keep the evidence under review”.
Well the evidence has been reviewed by experts in the field and the government have made no mention of stopping the method of free shooting, so we think it’s time that Sainsbury’s made a firm commitment not to source from farms using this method.

We are and always will be 100% against any culling of badgers but we think there is middle ground for reasonable people on both sides to agree that this method of free shooting should be halted immediately.


We now have A5 colour leaflets & stickers and A2 posters which we are distributing to groups so they can do leafletting outside shops, we would encourage people to focus on Sainsbury’s stores that are on high streets to increase the number of people being made aware of their involvement.

If you’d like to get involved with a demo then email us on, there are some contact details for Sainsbury’s at the bottom of the page, please do contact them and ask them when they will speak on the issue of free shooting.
If you are considering not shopping with them anymore then please make sure to tell them and why. Something else you can do to help is encourage people to sign our petition, please do copy and paste the link up onto facebook, twitter and forums and ask people to sign it:

We have also bought 100 shares and will be dividing them up to activists as quickly as possible so that we can attend the Annual General Meeting for shareholders which will be held in the QEII Centre, London, SW1P 3EE on Wednesday the 8th of July at 11am. (doors open for shareholders at 10am)

Since starting back in 2012 we have produced and printed hundreds of thousands of leaflets for a variety of anti-cull targets; from coffee shops to Tories!
We have until now never used any “gory” images but we have decided to change that policy specifically for Sainsbury’s. The badger on the leaflet was found by patrollers several hundred meters from where shooters were scanning the ground with torches.
With a broken back “Badger 200″ crawled away and must surely have had a slow painful death, the autopsy report made channel 4 news:

For as long as badgers are killed using the method of “free shooting” we will hold Sainsbury’s to account. Other supermarkets also source from cull zones: Tesco and Morrisons do, but we will not be targeting them until we are finished with Sainsbury’s.

We are frequently asked where it’s ok to buy milk from, this can change and as this is written to our best knowledge Waitrose and Asda don’t, BUT this is by co-incidence and not deliberate, they have both hinted that they would if their suppliers were involved. The co-op have a similar statement.

So where should you buy milk from? We would encourage everyone to try plant milks (soya, rice, almond, coconut, oat and many more are all available from supermarkets) for a couple of weeks and switch away from dairy milk completely to allow your taste buds to adjust. You probably won’t notice the difference on cereal but it does taste different in tea and coffee and you may have to try a few different types of plant milk till you find one you really like,  its very similar to going from full fat dairy milk to skimmed dairy milk.

This way you can not only be confident that you are not funding a badger cull with your cuppa but you are also avoiding the inherent cruelty of the dairy industry, we would encourage everyone to use google and do their own research on not only the dairy industry but also the health impacts on yours and your families bodies.

email Sainsbury’s: 

Tweet them, maybe with a link to this page:

On Facebook a good tactic is to write comments on their posts:

Sainsbury’s freephone: 0800 636 262

You can call them for free from landlines and phone boxes (mobile networks may charge) till 10pm during the week,  7pm Saturday and 4pm Sunday and remember it actually costs them money to receive the calls, so if your feeling naughty just leave the phone off the hook in a phonebox and rack up a bill for them!!