The “Glos 4″ have all charges dropped

All four of the people recently arrested in the Gloucestershire cull zone for “aggravated trespass” have had their charges dropped, After being held for a ridiculous 20 hours and having their homes broken into by the police and in one case even being strip searched, computers, phones, camera’s all taken to “gather evidence”

Their is no evidence, none of them were breaking any laws and the police arrests and behaviour was done solely to intimidate and harass them. This hasn’t worked, in fact its had the opposite effect and pushed people to work even harder.

All four of them are now jubilant and starting to already spend the compensation cheques on wish lists, including a new sab van and some covert cameras for catching wildlife criminals in the act.

One protestor who has successfully sued the police an amazing 15 times predicted that this would be a big payout and was clearly delighted and was back in the cull zone within 20 minutes of hearing the news.