Trackers find Badger-Killer visiting Stonehenge throughout the culls.

We have been anonymously passed on a report including video and photo’s from a reliable source, It raises many questions and offers little answers;

Throughout the cull a variety of people have had surveillance put on them, One of them was an organiser (we shall call him “target A”) of cage trapping who worked in both cull zones. The importance of his work was recognised and we were very keen to catch him breaking the rules. What we uncovered was disturbing and remains a complete mystery to us.

“Target A” it was decided needed to be carefully monitored so a tracking device was placed on his vehicle, to see if he or any of his employee’s were breaking the law, as we had had a tip-off he was incompetent and had broken regulations repeatedly. As we plotted his movements around the cull zone what was curios was his repeated visits to Stonehenge, many guesses were made but as it was outside the cull zone & we had enough work to do we left it alone. But he visited the site 4-5 times a week at irregular times. The areas shaded in white are the places he would go to:

He often had to travel in excess of 200 miles and would only be there for 20-90 minutes and then leave, the image below is a photograph of how the tracker plotted the cage trapper on a map, the sun symbols are places where he stopped, this is just south of the new Stonehenge visitors centre and you can see the barrows. The pink lines indicate how many times he had driven round in the period being monitored, in this instance it was a 48 hour period.

This other pic is a few hundred meters further south, again you can see the barrows

We decided closer investigation was needed, we found out the barrows are named the Winterbourne stoke group

upon closer inspection we found that the barrows had had some other “visitors”

We then walked over to the other Barrows, taking us a few minutes and within view of the new visitors centre

these other barrows had also been turned into homes by badgers

Its on the stock fencing around this barrow that it became obvious what the regular visits by “Target A” were for

also spread out around the ground near this barrow

What a cage-trapping badger killer was doing baiting setts within a stonesthrow of a visitors centre that was about to open to an international fanfare of press we don’t know.

Please address all questions to English Heritage