Only one campaign group publishes the cull zone maps. The reason for that is we are the only ones that put this at the very top of our agenda, for people to do sett surveying, leafletting, campaigning at a local level they need to know where to go, there is no copyright on these images please share them far and wide, if you have any information please email it in on: stopthebadgercull@gmail.com

You will probably need to zoom in on the maps to get a proper view

View Gloucestershire in a larger map

View Somerset cull zone in a larger map


The Dorset Cull zones; the N.Dorset cull zone is the back up should either Somerset or Glos zone go. The West Dorset cull zone is part of the planned “roll out” for next year, if the culls are successful this year then W.Dorset will be one of a total of 10 zones. As we find out info on any of these “roll out” zones we will update.