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write to us at: CBAG, c/o Kebele, 14 Robertson Road, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6JY


Everyone – This is you, and everyone else who’s opposed to the cull. We are not restricted by the guidelines of other organisations, we are able to organise against the cull on our own or in groups. This gives us the chance to support groups like the Badger Trust (see below) in their efforts to prevent the cull, as well as other actions – demonstrating, leafleting, etc. as well as actually being in the field during the cull. Check out the actions page for some ideas of what you could do, or come up with your own actions.


Badger Trust – The Badger Trust promote the protection and conservation of badgers and their setts. They’re in a well-regarded position and are the main group lobbying against the cull.

The Badger Trust are also responsible for the main legal challenges against the cull, as well as providing large amounts of information on why badgers are not to blame for  bTB.


The syndicates:  

The ‘secret’ syndicates behind the badger cull trials in Gloucestershire and Somerset have been identified and can now be revealed.

Both companies have been recently set up with the NFU HQ as their headquarters. ‘Gloscon’ for the Gloucestershire cull and ‘HNV Associates Ltd’ for the Somerset area. These are the ‘companies’ to which Natural England will be issuing licences to kill badgers. These are the people who will be organising the shooters and collecting the money from the farmers and are therefore responsible for the badger cull.

Gloscon Ltd

Run by Jan Rowe aka “Christopher Jan Rowe” and Carl Gray

Jan Rowe

Carl Gray


HNV Associates Ltd

Rupert Michael Dod

Viv Sellick


A third company has been set up as a reserve in N.Dorset, should we be successful and stop the cull in one of the other two.

Fru Serve Ltd

Paul Gould



Shooters – The identities of shooters is very important to us, if you have any info on possible marksman please email: stopthebadgercull@gmail.com


DEFRA – (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) – Defra are the government organisation responsible for legislation around animal welfare, the environment, farming, etc.

This means they have been heavily involved in past badger culls in other areas (they were called MAFF) and this time is no different. They have materials on their website giving instructions on how to kill badgers and have the ultimate say on whether the badger cull goes ahead.

owen paterson

Richard Benyon

David Heath



Natural England – On their website, Natural England say, “Our purpose is to protect and improve England’s natural environment and encourage people to enjoy and get involved in their surroundings”

Despite this, Natural England are responsible for issuing licenses for the badger cull. This means that if it’s decided that the cull goes ahead, they choose where and by whom the badgers are killed. Natural England chairman Poul Christensen is exposed in this guardian article along with a few others


“Christensen, a dairy farmer, sometimes seems to be more loyal to his industry than to conservation. The same goes for some of the other directors. Attending the meeting at which Christensen denounced his own staff was the NFU’s outgoing uplands farming spokesman, a large landowner called Will Cockbain. Where is he now? On the board of Natural England.”


NFU (National Farmers Union) – A union of the richest farmers and agri-corporate entities, the NFU are organisers of the cull. Both of the cull syndicates have based their companies at the NFU HQ;

“HNV Associates limited” in Somerset

“Gloscon” in Gloucestershire

“Fru Serve ltd” in the back up zone N. Dorset