The reason given for the cull on the Defra website states:“Areas of England with a high incidence of bovine TB in cattle also tend to have high numbers of badgers, and the scientific evidence demonstrates conclusively that badgers contribute significantly to bovine TB in cattle. This evidence comes from the Randomised Badger Culling Trial (RBCT), in which there were positive and negative changes in the incidence of bovine TB in cattle as a result of badger culling. However, the relationship between bovine TB in badgers and in cattle is highly complex, and the rate of transmission between species is not in direct proportion to badger density.” 

Defra clearly stating that the cull has “positive and negative changes” highlights just one of the many irregularities of this trial and if badger density is not in proportion to rates of transmission WHY ARE WE KILLING ANY OF THEM?? 

If it doesn’t make any difference if there are 50 badgers or 10 badgers in any area what is the point of  only killing some of them??


The real reasons behind the cull are political and not scientific; the government is lobbied by the NFU who represent the wishes of farmers.  Bovine TB has a financial impact and the farmers are looking for a cheap way out; they won’t even pay for the proper bTB tests which are needed to give reliable results.

Recent research has shown that liver flukes give false results for bTB and as much as 20% of bTB goes undetected, with cattle to cattle transmission being the main route of the spread of bTB, it’s no surprise that the disease is getting a foot hold in the country.


Defra is the government body ultimately responsible for the cull; this is from their website:


“As a first step, there will be a pilot of the policy in two areas in 2012 to confirm our assumptions about the effectiveness (in terms of badger removal), humaneness and safety of controlled shooting. Subject to Natural England’s decisions on licence applications, the two areas will be West Gloucestershire and West Somerset.”



Effectiveness, Humaneness and Safety are what this pilot cull are about, but we will show that it is:


INEFFECTIVE: previous cull results show that culling is ineffective and, at worst, counterproductive and we will be using direct action to disrupt the shooting which will make it ineffective.


By rescuing badgers with gunshot wounds and getting them to vets and wildlife hospitals, and filming this process, we will show the world, via YouTube, this coalition government’s INHUMANITY.


How the killing of tens of thousands of moving targets with rifles and shotguns at night up and down the country could ever be seen as SAFE is anyone’s guess.




page 5 clearly states:

“reduce the estimated badger population of the application area by at least 70%”


This is ILLEGAL; Natural England are breaking the Bern convention here, they must NEVER wipe out all of a local population, which is likely if they aim for 70% as population figures are only estimates.